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Our mission

Established in 2020, Fifteen West has one mission: to find the best jobs for candidates worldwide. It really is that simple.

"In a time unscripted, Lisa came to my rescue! I was unfortunately let go from my job in New York when COVID-19 hit and Lisa turned mission impossible, to possible! In a time and market of uncertainty, concern and the unknown, Lisa found me a fantastic opportunity, from New York to London. Lisa 'got me' and knew exactly what I was looking for. Moving jobs is stressful in a 'normal' market, but with Lisa's knowledge, honesty and commitment to me, the process was faultless. Thank you, Lisa!"

"I have been actively working with Mariah these past couple of months and have been so impressed with her strong work ethic and the hands on processes she and her team were able to give me. Mariah was reliable, personable, and always gave full honest feedback no matter what. I mentioned to her recently that out of all the recruiters I have personally worked with for my own search both now and a few years back, she has been the best!"

"I had an amazing experience working with Sara on securing new employment.  Her upbeat personality, attention to detail and general thoughtfulness is what sets her apart from other Rec2Rec recruiters I have worked with in the past.  Not only did she help me find a great organisation to join, but she made the process seamless from the get-go.
Last but not least, this was all during a pandemic!"

"You know when you start speaking to her that you have met someone of a high level of integrity, honesty and experience and that's what you need.  She was able to navigate a potentially very difficult series of conversations with ease, and without ever slowing anything down, and always giving advice as though I was her best friend. 
One of a kind, Sara McPhee. Do yourself a favour and get in touch with her."
"Pru was incredibly supportive, friendly and professional throughout the process and I was grateful for her thoughtful updates and encouragement.  She helped me to better understand the need/interests of the company I was interviewing with and gave really prompt feedback and information.  I highly recommend her as a recruitment consultant. She brought enthusiasm and energy to the process, and was an absolute pleasure to work with!"
"Pru has been amazing to work with during my search for a new role. She presented numerous opportunities to me relevant to my skill set, provided insightful info about each business and detailed interview prep.  Thanks for your help in securing me a new role!"
"Within a month of working with Lisa I managed to receive 3 new job offers, despite it being a challenging marketplace.  She is patient & understanding and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. 
Would highly recommend"
"Sara is incredibly patient and understanding when it comes to listening to the candidate's needs. I had quite a specific criteria when it came to seeking a new employer and within moments, Sara delivered a list of fantastic clients which suited my profile, personality and what I was looking for."

Robert Wong
"It's refreshing to work with someone in the rec2rec world who advises rather than sells, listens to your drivers and concerns and comes back with tailored advice and strategies. Lisa helped me to find a fantastic role and has put great talent in front of me. It also helps that her approach is infused with a good sense of humour, which makes working with her enjoyable!"

Ben Cockram  
"When my preferred recruiter raves about their R2R recruiter you know they must be exceptional. From my associations with Sara over the years I know her to be an extremely diligent, focused and professional recruiter. Sara’s attention to detail, preparation and effort in everything puts her on another level to her competitors. In addition, from my own knowledge and through shared experiences. I know you to be supportive, positive and methodical and this lends itself well to maintaining a realistic and honest approach to managing expectations."

Jon Hedley
"Lisa listened to my motivations and provided insight into her clients which was highly beneficial for my final decision. Moving roles and countries is hard! Lisa is compassionate, understanding and efficient - the perfect partner to help you"

Harriet King
"Lisa made me feel supported throughout my entire job search. She was extremely honest, transparent and organized during the whole process, making me feel at ease during a stressful time. I trusted that she truly understood me and how I could fit into an organization and only sent me to places that made sense. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a new opportunity."

Stephanie Curley
"Sara placed me in my first ever recruitment role 6 years ago and I have never looked back! A career that has taken me around the world working with some of the best companies and leading me to the fantastic role that I am now in!"

Joe Turner
" I found Lisa to be extremely well connected with a top-level network in New York. Lisa was both attentive and informative throughout the process and remained flexible around my schedule which involved different time zones."

Matt Batchelor
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa for 5 years – Rec2Rec is a very competitive space but Lisa’s knowledge, contacts, guidance and integrity sets her apart. She’s very approachable, transparent and has a genuine interest in what’s best for your career as a candidate and not her career as a business owner. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough to anyone looking to hire the best recruitment talent in the UK/US, or to any candidates looking to make their next move."

Barry O’Toole
"The best Rec to Rec firm I have worked with and where all my hires come from and will continue to come from externally. Kind, considerate and honest and they understand what we need as a business"

Mark Weclawek

We've cultivated long term strategic partnerships with some of the industry’s most prestigious firms. We believe in going back to basics; focusing on relationships and transparency to provide a consultative experience to candidates and clients.

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The Team

Sara McPhee
Founder and Head of North America

UK: +44 7885 531 325

US: +1 917 213 3805

Lisa Walder
Founder and Head of UK

UK: +44 7901 977 406

US: +1 585 304 2388

George Turner
Global Head of Operations

UK: +44 7950 175 249

US: +1 917 213 4189

Peter Bryant
Senior Recruitment Consultant, UK

UK: +44 7340 205866

Francesca Batt
Senior Recruitment Consultant, USA

USA: +1 959 777 7114

UK: +44 7501 746008

Pru Dennis
Recruitment Consultant, UK

UK: +44 7915 978943

Mariah Dougan
Recruitment Consultant, US

US: +1 917 213 0937

Adriana Compasso
Candidate Relationship Manager, UK

UK: +44 7838 476331

Taylor Vigano
Associate Consultant

UK: +44 7501 745986

James Osborne
Non-Executive Director

Sara McPhee
Founder and Head of USA

UK: +44 7885 531 325
US: +1 973 358 7254

Lisa Walder
Founder and Head of UK

UK: +44 7901 977 406
US: +1 585 304 2388

George Turner
Global Head of Operations

UK: +44 7950 175 249

James Osborne
Non-Executive Director

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We're passionate about people, that includes our candidates, our clients and our team. We're always striving to provide the best service and are relentless in our quest to change the image of rec to rec simply by doing things right.